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2015/12/6  PakHelper 3.4 was updated
2011/8/26  How to install Simutrans was added
2011/3/6  PakHelper 3.3 was updated
2011/1/10  [pak128] Japanese Train Stop Set (Notch type) was added
2011/1/10  [pak128] Overhead Railway Set was updated
2009/10/25 Q&A was added
2009/10/5  [pak128] Japanese Signal Set was updated
2009/1/11  Tutorial LongBlockSignal was added
2008/2/17  PakHelper 3.2 was updated
2008/1/1   PakHelper 3.1 was updated
2007/12/30 [pak128] Japanese Railway Crossing Set was updated
2007/12/30 [pak128] Double-track Tunnel Set was updated